SportDOG SD-425 FieldTrainer Stubborn Dog 450m Remote Trainer

SportDog have released their new and improved design of the previous model Field Trainer SD-400.  You keep all of the great features of the SD-400 such as the Dry-Tek waterproof & submersible casing, option to expand to 3 dogs (with additional collars) and customisable transmitter modes.  The SD-425 also boasts improved range up to 450m, new rapid recharge Lithium-Ion batteries and a smaller, sleek design collar for perfect fitting.  

Perfect for short range field, farm or hunting dogs that can push the boundaries.  You can customise the transmitter mode to set it up specifically for you and your dog's needs and now you can also adjust the collar between 2 different stimulation ranges.  The 'Low' setting is great for sensitive / pet breeds and the 'Med' setting has the reach to control your more headstrong breeds.  Whether you're in a single or multiple dog situation or have a mild-tempered agility dog up to a stubborn working dog, the SD-425 would have the range and reach in correction to pull up any unwanted behaviours and reinforce known commands.  

The choice of 7 intensity levels, plus a tone or vibration option, gives you the opportunity to find the right correction level to gain your dogs attention and allows you to communicate with them with ease.  You can adjust this intensity instantly with a turn of the dial on your remote.  Low levels that just gain the dogs attention are perfect for obedience training and yard work whereas the higher levels are best for stock-proofing your dog or stopping the unwanted chasing of animals. 

The SD-425 comes with all the bells and whistles such as long probes, extra mud plugs, transmitter lanyard and test light.  You will have everything you need to fix up those niggling behaviours with the NEW SportDog SD-425E.


  • Fits Dogs from 5kgs upwards
  • Low / Med Stim Range Option for Sensitive Dogs
  • Waterproof / Submersible Collar and Remote
  • 450m Range
  • Control up to 3 Dogs (with extra receiver collars)
  • 7 Levels of Momentary and Continuous Stimulation
  • Tone and Vibration Only Options
  • 2-Hour Recharge Lithium Ion Battery (40-60 hours use)
  • Low Battery Warning
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קולר ספורט דוג SD425 עד 450 מטר לכלב

1,450.00 ₪מחיר